Monday, May 10

Treasury East {The Future of Etsy Treasuries}

{Put a Cork In It - It's amazing what you can do with a few corks!}
Etsy treasuries are a great way to showcase all of your favorite items on Etsy. They're also a fun way to browse and shop for items too! They're easy to create and if an Etsy Admin spots it and likes what they see, it could possibly make it to Etsy's front page. The only problem have to stay awake until 3:00 am or be doing absolutely nothing at 1:00 pm to snag a spot in the Treasury! It's doable, but it's not easy. (Treasuries expire 2-3 days after creation and in order to grab a spot you must be viewing the Etsy Treasury's main page at the exact instant that the number of treasuries in the list drops below 333. Don't ask me why, but this always seems to happen at some ungodly hour when most of us are sleeping soundly.) Luckily for us, Etsy is always improving and coming up with new stuff! One of Etsy's newest features is Treasury East, a beta testing ground for the future of Etsy treasuries. Treasury East is very similar to the traditional Treasury, except the listings never expire and you can create as many treasuries as your heart desires!! These new treasuries display sixteen items instead of just twelve and can easily be shared on popular social networking sites. For more information about Treasury East, and general information on Etsy treasuries, follow these helpful links:
With Treasury East the possibilities are truly endless! Look at this beautiful treasury with a "Grecian" theme created by WrenWillow - be sure to check out the adorable t-shirts in her shop too!

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  1. so glad you liked it - there are so many lovely things, i wish i could have them all!