Saturday, April 24

Why Buy Handmade?

...poster by slidesideways on Etsy...
Before Earth Month ends, I'd like to share with you one of the funnest and easiest things you can do to promote sustainability and "go green". Buy handmade!! I told you this would be fun and easy! I was unaware of all the benefits of buying handmade until I read an article about Etsy in Natural Health magazine last October. I went to Etsy's site and browsed through winter gloves for hours. (The poster above was my first Etsy purchase.) As my journey with Etsy has continued over the last six months, my eyes have been opened wide to all the benefits of buying handmade...
  1. Handmade Products Are Unique: In this age of cookie cutter houses and mass production, we could all use a little individuality. When you buy handmade goods you buy one-of-a-kind. Even for the few artists who are able to easily re-create their products, you can bet they are still pretty rare! I guarantee you'll hear less "I have the same one!"
  2. Handmade Products Make Better Gifts: Because of their uniqueness, handmade products make amazing gifts. Handmade gifts are more meaningful, and most likely have a great story attached to it. The love and care that was put into making the product is passed onto the recipient of your gift. 
  3. Buying Handmade Battles Big Business: When you buy handmade products, you're putting money into the hands of the artist and keeping it out of the pocket of "the man". (He doesn't need another Ferrari anyways!) Artists work hard for what they create, and the best way to support them is to buy from them directly. 
  4. Buying Handmade is Eco-friendly: Mass production may have a cheaper price tag now, but you and the environment pay a large price in the end. By purchasing handmade products you avoid pollution from factories and reduce waste. Handmade artists often up-cycle and are very conscious about the environment.
  5. Handmade Products are Good for Human Society: Most of the products we buy in stores are made overseas under inhumane working conditions. While none of us are intentionally trying to hurt another human, we are indirectly supporting child-labor and other horrible practices when we buy mass produced products. Aside from this huge factor in human rights, the handmade community also re-connects people. There's something to be said about knowing exactly who made the item you purchase. Handmade products promote creativity in our society! 
    Now that you're well informed and pumped up about buying handmade, it's time to take the handmade pledge. I did! Check out this video of others who have vowed to buy handmade.

      Buy Handmade Video from Etsy on Vimeo.

      Remember to recycle, re-use and up-cycle whenever possible! This article was in no way intended to promote consumerism or encourage you to buy. However, when you must buy...consider the benefits of buying handmade. Why do you buy handmade?? Leave me a comment and let me know!



      1. What a great article! We are honored to have been your first handmade purchase!

        There really is no other way to shop, you can find almost everything you would want on Etsy; it makes shopping for gifts so easy. And for the most part you should never have to worry about quality. As a crafter, you want to be creating a well made piece because you have such a direct relationship with your customer, where as anyone overseas is just trying to make as many cheap products they can. Yay, support handmade!

      2. Wonderful!!! What a great article! I'll be reposting this on my blog. :) It's inspired me to keep with my own etsy shop! Yay - Go handmade!!



      3. Thanks Jacqui! I never even thought of that point...but it's very true! I notice even the tiniest flaws in my work and won't post them in my shop if I do. And I know the poster I received from your shop was flawless!

        Thanks Kristina! Speaking of Etsy...I did some playing around with the banner this morning. I'm going to give you a call to confirm some things this afternoon. =)

      4. thank you for this article...I like all of your points...I hope you won't mind if I spread this around. There was a time when I didn't even know "handmade" really existed (in my younger years)...I am happy that I have discovered "handmade" and have joined in the handmaking.

      5. I don't mind one bit Stacey! Thank you for becoming a fan. I did a little bit of detective work and found your page and did the same. Beautiful jewelry! Thanks for the feedback and sharing the article...I'm glad you enjoyed it!