{About Me}

I'm Nicole Agriesti, owner of Passion & Paisley and designer of pretty things. I find solitude in making jewelry, photography, graphic design, and most anything creative. I grew up in San Diego, I currently attend San Francisco State University and I hope that I never have to move from California! I'm addicted to the beautiful sunshine, fresh produce, and amazing diversity.

I like to daydream and hang out with my cats, "Booger" and "Monkey", when there's time to spare. I also enjoy femininity, soulful music, the color turquoise, sleeping in late, singing in the shower, learning new things, simple recipes, family get-togethers, and a good book. I am in love with the little things in life!

I am also in love with the incredibly handsome guy, Adrian, pictured above. He cooks, he cleans, and he buys me flowers! He's my best friend and, believe it or not, the biggest supporter of Passion & Paisley. If he does get tired of spending hours in craft stores, critiquing my jewelry designs,  or "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing over my latest treasury collection...he's remained quite the gentleman and never mentioned it. I'm truly lucky. {Thank you babe!}

Passion & Paisley is my very own labour of love. The whirlwind began after I discovered Etsy in October 2009, and opened shop shortly thereafter. It has been an amazing adventure filled with networking, inspiration, and positive feedback.

I admire nature's beauty, and my designs usually reflect that. You'll notice a lot of earthy colors and natural materials in my work. Some of my favorite materials are antique metals, pearls, romantic charms, and vintage beads. Stop by my shop and see for yourself!

Visit my "links" tab to discover a little bit more about what inspires me!